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The Life of An Entrepreneur 

Do you feel like you are failing at this online business strategy thing?

No matter what you do, it’s just not working.  Are you thinking of closing it down and just giving up?

Is your brain just ready to explode with all that you have to do to make it work?






I bet you are within inches of a BOOMING business and don’t even know it.

Don’t give up now. Back up, breathe  and read on! 


darlene mckinney - Sincerely Darlene

Hello! I am Darlene McKinney, I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur and dog lover!  My area of expertise is diving in and helping entrepreneurs with the daily operations of online business.  Online Business Strategy, Social Media Communicator & Energizer, Entrepreneur Mentor & Motivator are the titles that I enjoy wearing. I would love to tell you more about myself–Read my story here! 

I truly love what I do. Bet you didn’t know that I busted out of an office cubicle (after 15 years) and designed a business for myself. 

Now I help other entrepreneurs reach their goals and build the business of their dreams. 



“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky


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Sincerely Darlene Online Business Strategy