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How Do DIY Entrepreneurs Grow A Small Business?

Would you believe me if I told you that spending 30 minutes per day doing this 1 thing for your small business will make your business BOOM! 


Are YOU What’s Holding Your Small Business Back? 

Speaking from my own experiences. I can be my own worst enemy sometimes. For years I kept telling myself there was too much involved in running a business, so I never pursued it. When I became determined to get out of the 9-5 job, it was them that I took action. So, something really POWERFUL was driving me.  Lesson learned: You have to find your POWERFUL motivation with whatever it is you want out of life.  Build a solid online presence,  be social, streamline processes, implement necessary programs, and listen and learn from people who have walked the entrepreneurial path before you.  Those are my mindset tips to a successful small business. 


However, don’t lose yourself, your health and your mind amidst the noise! 



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Hello! I am Darlene McKinney   

My area of expertise is diving in and helping strong-spirited entrepreneurs with strategy,  spirit and survival solutions for their small business.  Assisting with strategy support and guidance, social engagement, relationship building, image design, website maintenance, programs, online presence improvement and development, and business development . 

I busted out of an office cubicle (after 15 years) and designed a business for myself. Helping other men and women do the same is where my passion lies. Don’t ever doubt that you can bring a business to life, because you can. 

The big internet world calls me a Small Business Consultant, I call myself a Social Media Communicator Energizer and an Entrepreneur Mentor & Motivator. I would love to tell you more about myself–Read my story here!  

It includes Endorsements/Certifications, Specialty Programs, How I Work, My Ethics, and little facts about me! The outcome, is a plus for you! We can reach your goals by giving you an extra hand or teaching you. Either way, helping is the reward for me, period! 


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Does Your Business Run You?

I have to ask you this question because too often entrepreneurs put their mental and physical health last. Is this you? It’s time to put processes into place to be able to run your business, make health a priority and enjoy your life. 

Stick with me to learn tips and advice to keep your body healthy and your mind worry-free! I discuss this a lot on social media! Follow me! 



An investment in yourself Online Business Strateg



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30 Proven Strategies to Get Social Engagement

This list of 30 Proven Strategies to Get Social Engagement WILL get engagement for your business, and right away. How do I know? These are strategies that I use for my clients every day. 

Remember to read all the way through because #30 is really the NUMBER 1 way to get engagement- no matter what every professional on the internet is telling you. This has proven to be the winner of most engagement every single time!!!


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