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Do you know what 80% of Entrepreneurs are doing wrong when it comes to business strategy online?



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Yes, does customer service ring a bell? It is still the soul of any business. Customer service today is social customer service. You have to show up each and every day. You build trusted relationships. Respond to every single comment. Be social. Be relatable. Be a teacher. Be a friend. They must count on you. It’s time to come up with a  successful online business strategy plan. 

You want more clients and the marketing on social media is not really working. What should you do?

Pretend you are a “potential client”
What do you GET by visiting your social media pages?

Do you get amazing FREE information and solutions to your problems? 
Do you see posts that make you smile, laugh and stay inspired?
Do you see news or articles on topics that interest you?
Do you feel someone understands your passion and pain points?
Do you feel like you have a found a friend/friends?
Is there real conversations happening?
Are there videos and peaks into REAL LIFE? 

Are your header images cold and salesy?

Would you hit the page “Like” button?

If YES, awesome! If NO, you have work to do!!!



online business strategy 

Make an Investment In Your Online Business Strategy

Online business strategy is a full-time job that can be exhausting. Developing your own website can be a daunting task if you don’t know about the features of your program. Branding and design are the WOW factor for your business. Being consistently social is crucial. 

It’s always a smart move to invest in your online business strategy to help it operate smoothly and successfully. 




Darlene McKinney Social Media Marketing



Who Am I? 

I am Darlene! A go-getter who was determined to never sit in an office cubicle ever again! 


A self-taught entrepreneur that realized my strong customer service skills and multi-tasking abilities intertwined perfectly with online business strategy. After all, what is the secret behind doing social media well? It’s communication and being social. It’s connecting and relationship building.


Your time is valuable! Save time by building a firm business foundation and streamline your processes. This saves tons of headaches. I can help you achieve this. 


An investment in yourself Online Business Strateg





Make An Investment In Yourself

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that you sit at that desk way too long or work late hours all of the time.  You must make healthy living a priority and take time for yourself. Learn how to have faith, be confident, believe in your business, be passionate, stay positive and stay healthy! 







“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky


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Sincerely Darlene Online Business Strategy