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You are in the right place if you need a hand with your daily online business operations. 

Hello! I am Darlene McKinney   

My passion is seeing entrepreneurs succeed. I love diving in and helping strong-spirited entrepreneurs with business support.  Entrepreneurs tend to “take it all on themselves” and it’s exhausting! I can relate to the challenges of entrepreneurship because I busted out of an office cubicle (after 15 years) and developed an business for myself.   I would love to tell you more —Read my story here!  



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What Could Business Support Do For Your Business Right Now? 

Support can help you set goals, keep  you moving and help your business continue to grow!  Support can offer you inspiration and motivation and provide you with solutions when your stuck. Support can help you streamline your processes, implement better programs and help you to keep your sanity!  

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Does Your Business Run You?

I have to ask you this question because all too often entrepreneurs put their mental and physical health last. Is this you? It’s time to put processes into place to be able to run your business, make health a priority and enjoy your life.  It’s time to get business support.  To learn more about how I can help you click here! 

Stick with me to learn tips and advice to keep your body healthy and your mind worry-free!  I discuss this a lot on social media! Follow me! 



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30 Proven Strategies to Get Social Engagement

This list of 30 Proven Strategies to Get Social Engagement WILL get engagement for your business, and right away. How do I know? These are strategies that I use for my clients every day. 

Remember to read all the way through because #30 is really the NUMBER 1 way to get engagement- no matter what every professional on the internet is telling you. This has proven to be the winner of most engagement every single time!!!


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