5 Tips To WOW Your Social Media Audience

tips to Wow your social media audience


Marketing and Networking for your business on Social media is a full time job. Figuring out how to keep you social media audience engaged can be a chore! Don’t you feel like sometimes they are falling asleep on you? If you have a business that sells products or offers services, the main goal is to lead the audience back to your main website to make a purchase, right? Of course, that is why you are in business. Try these 5 Tips to WOW Your Social Media Audience. 


The trick is figuring out how you can gain your audience’s trust and get them interested. If you are constantly selling to them, it is a huge turn off. You have to mix it up and show that you are human. You will be amazed at how this will generate the traffic back to your website that you’ve been wanting.  


5 Tips to WOW Your Social Media Audience

#1 Let Your Social Media Audience Get to Know You-Just a Peek!

Showing your audience a PEEK at who you are will gain trust so fast, you will be surprised. Proving to them that you have feelings, emotions, interests, and a sense of humor goes a long way. Share peeks of who you are to them. Say that you like to go hiking when you have extra time and post a great image of someone hiking or the mountains. By doing this do you realize that any of your followers that have the same interest will want to follow you, you have something in common. You are engaging and showing that you are human. Do you like Italian food? Tell them about your favorite restaurant or favorite meal. It is the small stuff that counts, don’t forget. Building relationships on social media networks is CRUCIAL for growing your business. 


#2 Mix Up Your Post Content

You have probably heard this before, but it is important to mix up your content. Trying to sell what you have to offer in every social media post, will run the audience off in no time flat! So, mix it up. On one day post something on your social media networks about what your business sells or offers. Give them links to check out what your business has to offer. Then for the next couple days, find other things to post relevant to your business. Don’t wear them out on “selling” to them. Post great images & quotes. Post heartfelt images with captions or your own comments. Post articles related to your business. Post funny images or videos. Post stories about favorite employees or customers. Repost interesting top news articles. You will see if you mix things up, you will attract more followers and a larger audience. 


#3 Make Your Own Images

Making your own images with quotes or tips is a great way to actually get your product or service noticed and not seem like overkill. Use a photo editor, choose a background, find a quote and make sure your www.com is in the corner. You now have an image to post with a quote or tips to share and you are advertising all at the same time. WIN-WIN situation. Pick images that are eye catching and draws them in. Check out PicMonkey! It is a free online tool to help you create images. 

People love quotes and they love resharing them. Your audience will love tips also. Say you own a bakery, you can pick a background and put tips for great baking utensils that everyone needs. If you are a photographer create an image that has tips about how to take the perfect picture at night time. The image has your link, so they will find you if they need your services or would like to recommend your services. Try it.


Story Telling Social Media


#4 Ask Your Audience Questions-Let them tell their story

Just asking them a simple question to engage conversation will get people to interact with you. A simple question like this, “If you could go on vacation any place of your choice, where would it be? You will get engagement. Why? Because people are on social media to interact with others and they love to give people PEEKS into their lives.

Another example of a question is “What was the last movie that you saw at a movie theater and did you like it?” This gets conversation going and you will be surprised at how many other people chime in. You can also ask their opinions about something, like “which do you prefer to watch Basketball, Baseball or Football and who is your favorite team?” Take a look at this post How to Come Up with Good Conversation Topics. This interaction will help spread your message, because they feel a personal connection and when they or someone they know need your product or services they will contact you. Try it!




#5 Comment and Reshare Your Audience’s Posts

Nothing grabs a social media audience better than seeing that someone else has commented or reshared their post. Doesn’t it make you feel happy when someone comments or reshares your posts? This is the goal on social media for everyone. Everyone wants to be seen and heard. You will notice that when you comment and reshare your audience’s posts that they will follow you back. They will then learn what you are all about. See how it works? You have to be active and you have to be consistent. This helps build lasting relationships that will grow your business. Try it!


 Final Thoughts

Try to incorporate some of these tips and I think you will be surprised at your audience’s reaction. It is great to come up with new content and new ideas. As some would say “think outside the box”. Your main goal is to grow your business and you do that by marketing and networking. Get in front of your audience and WOW them. Get noticed.

There are so many social networks out there today. You don’t have to jump into all of them at once. Start with one, put these tips to use, grow your audience and then try another social network. Be original. Be funny. Be active. And be consistent.

What do you find to be the most challenging when it comes to communicating and interacting with your audience? I would love to hear your comments!



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