7 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

7 ways to improve your twitter marketing

Are you using Twitter to market your products or services? If you are here are 7 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing. If you are not, you should consider it because the network now has over 270 million active users.


7 ways to improve your twitter marketing


The number of people that your marketing message can reach on Twitter is tremendous. A tweet can spread within a matter of seconds to thousands and thousands of people.

No matter what products or services you offer, any business can see huge results by being committed to Twitter. Don’t let the 140 character limit fool you, Twitter is powerful. And did I mention that it’s FREE marketing!  

Twitter can drive tons of traffic to your website. Twitter will create product & brand awareness for your business. Twitter will connect you with your customers old and new. And if you utilize the tips below, the payoff can be HUGE! So, sit back and sip some coffee and enjoy!

Tweet Off and On Throughout Each Day

You cannot get anywhere with your marketing if you do not Tweet off and on throughout each day.

Twitter is so fast-paced that by the time you post your tweet there are 50 more tweets that come in right behind it. Meaning your tweet gets lost!

You don’t have to worry about annoying anyone on Twitter unless you tweet every few seconds. So, with this in mind you need to tweet often.

Think about it, how can your followers see your message if they can’t see you in their feed?

Yes, they can find you by hashtags but you don’t want them to have to search for you. The odds of being seen are so much greater if they can see your message in their feed. 


Mix Up Your Content

Don’t sell your product in each tweet. Mix up your content. Create tweets people will relate to.

Send out tweets that grab attention! Add a funny picture with a funny tweet. Add quotes, everyone loves quotes.

Share an article closely related to your product. Example: If you sell health products, find health articles. If you sell Romantic books, post relationship articles.

If the audience can count on you to tweet about things that they enjoy or that educates them, they will trust in you and buy your products or purchase your services. Make sense?  Another great article to read is Thinking Outside the Box for Content Creation: Five Tips for Mixing it Up


Emphasize the Benefits of Your Product or Service

You have 140 characters to go for it! Think about what information makes you buy. Tell your audience exactly how your product or service can help. Emphasize your products benefits. A great article that made this really clear for me was How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Your followers are all looking for something to solve their problem. What problem will your product solve? Ask them if they need whatever your product solves. Showcase how the product has benefited others. It’s even better if you can show pictures of other’s using your product or service.


Lead Your Followers to Your Product or Service

If you gain a new follower, don’t be afraid to say “Hey, thanks for the follow stop by www.com to check out a New Paleo Cookbook that I just wrote!” Lead your followers to your product.

When you make a tweet to market your product, always put a link to that product or a link to your website.

Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags. If your product is a new Paleo Cookbook, use #paleo #paleocookbook #cookbook #cleaneating for hashtags.

Tell followers where they can get a copy. Lead followers to your landing page. Lead your followers to your product. 



Great Images & Tweet with Excitement (2 for 1)

Twitter allows you to attach an image. Use great images of your products. Create your own images with your www.com. Post images of your customers using the products. Post your own creative photos of your product. You can create great images using PicMonkey.

Yes, I am serious about tweeting with excitement. Don’t overdue it, but use exclamations. Use words to stop them in their tracks, to catch attention. Some examples are: WOW, Whoa, OMG, Yeah, Yum, and Yummy. If you seem excited, that will get them excited.


Work At Making Connections

Just tweeting consistently does not automatically grow your followers. You have to work at it. Up in the right corner of your feed (Main Twitter Home Page) is a box that says “Who to Follow”. Use this feature! Click on view all and go down the list. Follow people who fit your target market. Most people on Twitter follow back. This is key to growing your followers.

Check the “Followers” section every day if possible. It is located in the upper left corner of your feed (Main Twitter Home Page) under your profile picture. When you gain a new follower take this opportunity to make a connection. Introduce yourself. Say something kind. Wish them a great week. Ask them a question about themselves or what they do for a living. Thank them for following. It’s a great way to connect! 

Work at making connections. Yes, this can be time-consuming. But, take the time. People are on Twitter to socialize, learn, and to connect. The key is to comment on their tweets (a simple but often neglected step). This will get you, your products or services noticed quickly. 


If you need help determining who your target market is read Six steps to defining your target market


Keep Up the Momentum

Building a true organic following takes time. But, the best part is your tweets are building momentum and potential.

Each day you have the potential to reach more and more people with your Twitter marketing message.

To tell you to be consistent in your Twitter marketing and networking efforts is an understatement.

If you keep up the momentum, I guarantee you will soon see the results that you want to see marketing on Twitter!


Have you had success with Twitter Marketing? What techniques have worked for you?

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2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

  1. Hey Darlene, these are great tips… I love Twitter it took a bit to get a handle on it but I’m getting it more.

    I say the best thing is connecting with people… I have a ton of great friends on Twitter… I love to share content for people… people do the same for me. Plus showing gratitude if someone RT’s or favs… It’s the little things I find that are important ♡

    • dmckinney says:

      Yes, Launna those are all great points that you made about Twitter. The little things are important in life and it carries over in social media. Twitter can be a little bit intimidating at first, but the key is sharing and building relationships. I am glad you enjoyed the tips and it’s wonderful to hear you have made great friends on Twitter! I consider myself one of them. That is awesome!

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