How to Start A Virtual Assistant Business



Are you wondering how to start a Virtual Assistant Business? You are in the right place. 

My name is Darlene McKinney. I started my own Virtual Assistant Business and here are some important tips that I feel aspiring entrepreneurs must know! 


Don’t be afraid to take the chance.

Fear is what I see stopping most men and women. Fear of where to begin, succeeding and money. I started my business with very little money, while working full-time and helping my husband run his construction business. You can too. 



Don’t under undervalue your skills and education.

Every single life lesson, job, class and education that you have learned is valuable. Don’t undervalue yourself. This is not fair to you and the hours you spent learning. Technology has opened the door for you by making it possible to communicate and perform work from the comfort of your own home.  Believe in your capabilities and realize there are people out there who need your help. 




You have to change your mindset.

You are not an employee any longer. You are a Virtual Assistant business owner. You call the shots. You offer services to clients, you do not work for the client. They are not your boss. You are the boss. 



Take a look at the big picture.

Make a list of the skills you have. List them all, no matter how insignificant. Now go back and cross off what you don’t enjoy doing. Read out loud the skills that you have left. Figure out which services you would enjoy offering and enjoy doing all day long. Do some research to see if others are offering these services. Look at their websites, rates and packages. Take notes. Do research on charging hourly rates opposed to packages. Check out these 2 articles What do I charge for my services?and What’s the difference between a retainer and a package?


Note: Building a Virtual Assistant business is no quick “get rich” work from home type of thing. You will have to be a serious, dedicated business owner. The “get rich” can come in time and with hard work. 




Determine your specialty and other services

Established VA business owners will advise you to pick one area of specialty to showcase and draw people in. Ex. Social Media Manager, Customer Service Specialist, or Internet Research Director. This is the service specialty you will use to market and you can also offer other services as well.



Determine who needs what you have to offer and why?

Who: Is your target market. Why: What does your product or services do for them? This is very important to think about. You will come to learn that this is a very important to your marketing. Make lists and keep them handy. 


What makes your Virtual Assistant Business different?

Why should they choose you over the others? What will they get here that they can’t find anywhere else? These answers are also very important in your. Make a list and keep it handy. 




Don’t Lose Your Momentum! 

These topics above are just scratching the surface! You have to decide on a business name, start a website and set a social strategy into motion. You have to begin advertising and marketing. Get out there and build your following. Be social. Be unique. Be you! Never stop learning! Team up with a business mentor. The investment is so worth it because their knowledge from already traveling down the entrepreneurial road is priceless. 



The Amazing Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a rare, wonderful breed of their own. We don’t back down. We are driven.  We are determined. We are loyal. We are creative. We are leaders. We love people. We are dedicated. We are fierce. We are strong. We will work 24/7 to bring our vision to life. We love freedom. We crave being our own boss like we crave eating a chocolate cupcake! I get it. I am an entrepreneur. My Small Business Services Company was born because all of the entrepreneurial traits listed above thrive in me! Spending each day assisting like-minded entrepreneurs who are on-fire with business ideas, is a privilege.


Small Business Support for Start Up-$75.00 per month

1 Month of Small Business/ Virtual Assistant Start Up Support. All done via Email. Get help with business start up, business basics, deciding a business name, developing an online presence, deciding your target marketing, social media strategy, branding and any other area. Let’s get you going and on your way to make your passion come to life. Support can help you keep moving and get you where you want to go faster! Please fill out the contact form below and request Small Business Support for Start Up. This service will require payment upfront via invoice that I send you. 

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