DIY Social Media Marketing Tips


FREE- DIY Social Media Marketing tips you can start using right now!


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 Free-effective DIY Social Media Marketing Tips

Just for you! Free-effective DIY Social Media Marketing that you can start using right now! I am Darlene, I help entrepreneurs connect with their audience on a personal level so they love following you each day! In order to connect, your online presence has to be relatable, powerful and constant! 




1. Set Up a Pinterest Business Account Right Now! 

If you do not have a Pinterest account for your business, you should do it right away. Pinterest needs to be part of your marketing strategy. Pinterest is free. Pinterest has millions of users. Pinterest gives your business great exposure. Pinterest leads traffic to your website. Learn how to set up a Pinterest business account here. 



2. 3 Ways to Get Instant Traffic to Your Website

1. Tweet a tweet with website URL
2. Write a blog and blast it to social media
3. Post something that is educational with a great image to Google Plus and add your to the image and at the end of the post!



3. Ignore All of The Internet Noise 

Don’t get weighed down with all of the choices out there online to operate your business with. There are thousands of programs shouting “buy me, your business needs me”. You can run a very successful business on FREE programs or with spending very little money. 

Stay simple. You can still standout and look amazing while keeping it simple.

“Your business systems can be simple and your business will still be awesome!” ~ Darlene McKinney



4. Building a Website is Something You Can Do (DIY) 

I recommend using Weebly or SquareSpace if you take the time to read and watch instructional videos, you can do this! They walk you through everything. If you don’t want to spend your budget on hiring a website designer then get affordablwebsite assistance here! 


5. Social Media Marketing Images

When you create marketing images make 2 sizes for each image – one that is Facebook-Sized and one that is Pinterest-sized. Use the Facebook-sized image on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Linkedin. Use the Pinterest-sized image on Pinterest and your website or blog. Why your website or blog? Because if you added a Pinterest hover button (which you should, learn how hereyour visitor can pin it to their Pinterest boards right from your site. Free marketing because your visitor is sharing your image and website with their Pinterest followers. Win, Win! 


6. Be Social 

If you are not doing this several times per day, you might as well throw in the towel now. You can toss out your marketing posts 50 times per day or 3 times per day, doesn’t matter. If you don’t share some of your life and your story, you are already losing the social game. The other crucial strategy is to COMMENT and SHARE. 2 very important moves. You comment and share on others posts I guarantee they will return the favor. This also opens up the door for them acting upon your future offers. They trust you now. This is a part of social customer service now, it is called relationship marketing. 











7. Smart Marketing 

You want more clients and the marketing on social media is not really working. What should you do?

Pretend you are a “potential client”
What do you GET by visiting your social media pages?

Do you get amazing FREE information to move forward with your goals and life?
Do you see posts that make you smile, laugh and stay inspired?
Do you see new or articles that you want to read and that interest you?
Do you feel understood?
Do you feel like you have a friend and come back often?
Is their real conversations happening?
Are there videos and peaks into REAL LIFE?

Would you come back and visit this page tomorrow?

If YES! Awesome! If NO, you have work to do!!!







Stay-tuned for more upcoming DIY Social Media Marketing Tips.