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Services & Rates

Monthly packaged rates are available. These rates are determined on time, task and frequency. 

Hourly rates are available. These rates will be determined on what services you need. Different services vary in rates. 

My rates depend on what your business needs are.
To receive a rate quote or monthly package quote be prepared to send a detailed list of daily or weekly business responsibilities that you would like me to help with.

I am very fair with my pricing. I also own my business and am educated in my line of work.

Projects and daily tasks begin at $25 per hour.

If you need help with various projects or tasks, I can put that into an affordable monthly package for you. But, I have to know exactly what you want help with to figure my time involved (because my time, like yours is valuable) to figure that monthly package. I Try to work with you on monthly packaged pricing.



Small Business Services

Business Web Presence Development (can include website design) 

Social Media Communicator-Social Engagement- Relationship Building 

Image Design Services

Blog Assistance / Maintenance -No blog writing

Email Campaign Services

Website Assistance / Maintenance 

Content Curation

(Clients love the Monthly Content Curation Services where I send you a determined number of pieces, quotes or articles for 1 monthly fee)



Website & Blog Assistance 

Website Maintenance to help you keep your website or blog up-to-date. Add new pages, change the look and feel (website brand re-do). Add social networks, buttons, headers and images. Including blog writing and monthly maintenance. Advanced experience with WordPress, SquareSpace, Blogger, and Weebly.  I help with the design and marketing of your blog. Note: I do not write blogs. I would be glad to connect you with someone who offers blogging services. 



Image Design Services 

Prices vary per image-Monthly packages available

All images are legal to use for marketing purpose and are yours to keep and reuse. 

Image Design includes but not limited to:

Blog Images

Challenge Images 

Group Invites 

Product or service promotional images

Invite team members or add more coaches

Social Media Marketing Images 

Quotes, inspiration and motivation 

Website/ Blog Header Images or Banners and other

And more, all with your business branding


View My Designs Here! 





Small Business Mentor-Support for Start Up-$75.00 per month

1 Month of Small Business Mentor Start Up Support. All done via Email. Get help with business start up, business basics, deciding a business name, developing an online presence, deciding your target marketing, social media strategy, branding and any other area.

Let’s get you going and on your way to make your passion come to life. Support can help you keep moving and get you where you want to go faster!

Please fill out the contact form below and request Small Business Support for Start Up. This service will require payment upfront via invoice that I send you. 


Small Business Services Billing Options


1-Time Tasks– Flat Fee or 1/2 of total will be due up front before work begins, with balance due upon completion. 

Monthly Invoice will be sent on the 25th day of each month with payment due by the 1st day of the new month or work for that new month will not start. 

FOR straight hourly services-Weekly Invoice sent to you on Friday. Balance due by Wednesday of following week or all work will stop.

You will be billed for exact hours worked ONLY. Billed in 15 min. increments. Time sheet will be sent to you which will include breakdown of how exact time was spent.


Payments accepted are PayPal and all major credit cards. 



small business services


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Decide on Small Business Services, fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t see the Small Business Service that you are looking for, just request it!