6 Simple DIY Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing is a crucial part of operating a business today. The hard part is working it into your schedule, right? Who has time to do it? Where do you start? Other businesses are doing it well, but you just feel lost. How can you be successful at marketing on Social Media? You can if you follow these 6 Simple DIY Social Media Marketing Tips .


Social Media Marketing



#1 Choose a Social Network That You Are Familiar with Already. 

And if you aren’t familiar with any, pick one and learn how it works!

Maybe you have already used a social network for personal use such as, Facebook or LinkedIn and you know that network well, that’s great! Start marketing there. It’s something that you are already familiar and with. If you have more to learn, learn it. Learning the features and understanding the network’s “language” is very important. 


#2 Realize that You Don’t have to Market Everywhere

Notice #1 says to Choose “A” Social Network

Yes, there are tons of Social Networks out there. But you don’t have to market everywhere. The more places you market of course, the more exposure you can have for your business. Taking on too many Social Networks can be very time consuming. You can always learn about a new Social Network while you are marketing on the one that you feel comfortable with. Add a new Social Network as you feel comfortable. Another important social media marketing tips is to do one Social Network well and be consistent. Your audience will come to life right before your eyes! 


#3 Keep a Content Bank and Resources List

I am a huge fan of OneNote by Microsoft. I love it. Can’t live without it. It’s how I stay organized. It’s an endless notebook where I can title different sections, add endless pages to the sections and copy and paste things I want to save straight from the internet to use later. I suggest researching some of the great Notebook programs out there and get one quick. It is a huge time saver. Use it as a content bank for topics, pictures and links to share in the future with your audience. Title a Section “RESOURCES” keep links to your favorite sites to get great information to share like the Huffington Post link, Buzzfeed, local news, Time Magazine, Healthy Magazines, or any source you want to refer back to when you need new content.


#4 Get Creative with Your Social Media Marketing

Just like the quote above says “Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing”-Mike Volpe

If you are selling products or offering services you need marketing material. If you have company marketing material that you can use, I would be cautious about using this, it can be a huge turn off to the viewers. Your should create marketing material yourself. Don’t be afraid to be creative. You can use FREE programs like PicMonkey or Canva to create professional-looking marketing material for your product or service. Create your own quotes on an image. Create images that educate or teach your audience. Create images that showcase your product or service. And don’t forget it’s all about “eye-catching” images. 


#5 Mix Your Content Up and Try New Things

Yes, as you have heard many times DO NOT market all the time

Your goal should be to build trust and relationships, a real following. So you need to tap into what your audience wants. And they don’t want to be sold to all the time. Share with them. Teach them. Choose to share content that is related in some way to your product or service. Always throw something fun in the mix too. Be the one they count on for “The Recipe of the Day” or “The Quote of the Day”. Give them daily tips that they can count on. Give them a reason to comment, share, and follow. 




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#6 To do Social Media Marketing Well You Must Be Social

This should have been #1!!! 

The goal is again, to build trust. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large business, if you aren’t actively sharing and commenting on other followers content, you will not gain that trust. It’s that simple. Why would they want to share your messages and content if you aren’t returning the favor? Why would they want to comment on your posts or like your posts if you aren’t returning the favor? Why are your clients, customers, or consumers on social media? The answer is, they want to socialize. Social Media is like a big party where you can meet all kinds of new people. Some you want to hang out with at the party, some you don’t. Be the kind of person that they want to hang out with. Show them you are human. 


Follow these 6 Simple DIY Social Media Marketing Tips and stick with it. Remember building a true organic audience (real followers, not purchased) takes time. Come up with a plan, get organized, and GET SOCIAL!

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