Tips for Choosing Your Social Media Strategy

Tips for Choosing Your Social Media Strategy

Tips for Choosing Your Social Media Strategy


Deciding on the right social media networks for marketing is a very important step for any business owner. It’s important to know where your marketing efforts will pay off. If you are a business owner that plans on tackling this feat on your own, here are some important Tips for Choosing Your Social Media Strategy.


What Social Network Should My Business Be Active on?

To find out the answer to this question, spend time reading articles, watching YouTube videos and learn the basic concepts of each social network. This will help you make a smart marketing decision.

Start with one social network that you are familiar with to make it easier. 

Take the time to find out where your clients or customers are. What networks are they using? This is a very important when considering a social media strategy .


To help you decide, answer the following questions:

  • Make a list of the social media platforms that you are marketing on now
  • For each platform write how many times per week you are posting content
  • For each platform write down how many times per week you are commenting on others posts & doing some kind of interaction
  • For each platform list how many times per week that you are checking the analytics (tracking) for the platform to see how well your posts and interactions are being received.
  • For each platform write “yes” or “no” if the platform is sending more traffic to your website. You should also have analytics (tracking) on your website to see where your visits are coming from. This is where you would get this information.
  • So, take a look at your answers. Are you choosing the right social media networks for your online business? Are the platforms that you are using working the way that you want them to? If the answer is NO, then you probably need to focus your efforts somewhere else. 



Where do you want your Social Media Strategy to take your business? What are your goals?

Ask yourself these questions to determine your direction.

  • Are you looking for clients or customers?
  • Do you want to get more traffic to your website?
  • Do you have time to build relationships?
  • Will you sell products or services?
  • Will you provide your followers with education, tips and advice?
  • Where do you see your business in 5 years?
  • Where do you see your business in 10 years?


Who is your target market? Who is your audience?

Take the time to find out who your audience is, because you need to know how to speak to them through social media. This can seem overwhelming, but ask yourself these questions to help determine who your target market is. 

Answer the following:

  • Who NEEDS your services or products? What type of people? Lawyers, insurance companies, people who love chocolate, stay at home moms & dads, people who want to get into shape? What are their age group? Where do they work? Are they married or single? Do they have children?
  • Pinpoint this down to a person that you can visually see & talk to. Give them a name (Bob, Mary, Fred). Talk to Bob every time that you market on a platform. It is easier to target and speak to 1 person when marketing and get your message across. You can address & solve Bob’s problems directly, which makes your marketing more effective. Visually SEE BOB when you market and have the conversation with Bob. Market to BOB!
  • What problems or issues does your product or service solve for Bob? What does Bob need? What are Bob’s challenges? What keeps him up at night?
  • Make Bob understand that your product or services will solve his problems.  


Prepare to Market Your Business

Now you are ready to find go find Bob and others like Bob.  Determine where Bob hangs out. This can be time consuming if you aren’t sure where to begin. I received some great tips from a class that I took about social media at These tips will help you do a Google Search for your industry, clients or colleagues to see what platforms they are hanging out on! Cool, right?


Here are the steps.

  • Go to Google Search type in “your industry name”
  • I did this with “dentists”, “chocolate lovers” and  “virtual assistants” using You can see there are topics about dentists, chocolate lovers and virtual assistants all over Pinterest.
  • Next change the SITE- ex. “industry name” or “industry name”. This is a great tool to figure out who is using that exact platform and you can also dig further to see how many likes or followers that the topic has to determine if there is a large or small following for this “industry”


Head in the right direction with your Social Media Strategy

 Tips for Choosing Your Social Media StrategyWOW! If you make your list and do your research you will be headed in the right direction with your social media strategy. You have answered the most important questions. You have to know exactly where you want to go and who you are speaking (marketing) to. 

These tips will help start your social media strategy off in the right direction.

Make sure you sign up with Google Analytics and use it! Change things up and post more if analytics are not showing great numbers from a certain platform. Try something different (think outside the box).

Do not waste time using social media platforms that are not right for your business. Focus on the social media platforms where Bob is and where you can build relationships and gain followers.

If you would like to take a course about Social Media Strategy, I highly recommend courses at The courses are taught by Susan Mershon, PMP and are packed full of great information to head you in the right direction. 


Do you have a question about your Social Media Strategy? I would be glad to listen and try to help. Just ask! 


Do you need help improving your social media presence? Click here! 



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